Try the only way.

You’re told your 401k is your best retirement guarantee. A paper account controlled by speculators acting outside the law, your 401k is as good as the stock market. So Democrats remain devoted to big banks, begging them to keep the stock market up. Republicans, who say out loud they’re for a wealthy elite and a declining middle class, want a government that does nothing except pay back bond holders. But if China attacked, every Republican in Congress would stand up tomorrow and vote for a ten trillion dollar deficit increase. Threaten that tiny elite and, of course, they’ll be happy to hire the little people to help them out.

As the middle class declines, and your desperation increases, corporations turn up the noise about the economy. They play it like a religion: too complicated for you to understand, but in absolute control of your life. It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s a perfectly comfortable, affluent elite class which enjoys you doing without, and does everything in its power to make sure you do. There’s no ‘right,’ ‘left,’ or ‘objective’ press. There’s just one loud corporate voice yelling they can’t understand it, but your life’s going to have to get worse.

Keep cheering on your favorite promoter, and you will lose. If you work for a living, Republicans are sneering at you, and Democrats are sacrificing you for their wealthy friends. No-one on television is offering alternatives that work, because rescuing the middle class will cause a few rich folks to get by on a bit less.

There are alternatives. Good ones. Start talking about asset taxes on the rich, legislated maximum pay ratios in public corporations, and massive government reinvestment in building the country. Start thinking hard about nationalizing international banks. Realize you’re not going to ‘beat the system’ on your own. You’ve got to rebuild America together. You’ve got to promote small capitalism, responsible taxation, and the rule of law. There are people on your side, at last, talking about getting out on the street. It’s the only way. You might as well call it the ‘Only Way.’ Make it a movement. Be an ‘Only Way’ supporter. Support an ‘Only Way’ candidate. Start marching.

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