Begin at the start.

I’ve been hoping if I just vote for some good people, things will start going right with the world. Well, I think good people are important – but who is?

Jesus says, ‘I am not good, only my father is good,’ or something like that. I think he’s the guy, too, who says you can’t serve two masters. Today, men and women stand before throngs and claim to promote God in government. There is no sort of God – who is God – who can be promoted. There is no sort of God – who is God – who can be offended. When people say, ‘God wants or doesn’t want,’ they diminish their faith to insignificance. When leaders stand and claim to promote God’s will, they shame themselves. But the throngs cheer louder.

There is joy in faith in the Lord; joy in believing God is not ours, but we his. It begins with loving everyone; with seeing no enemies, nowhere. It’s a miracle in its performance, and it doesn’t appear on a stage.

Agitate, rally, and vote if you will. But first, go home and forgive somebody.

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