Quality, and affordable

My prostate is growing. At least, I think it is. I haven’t had a physical exam in, oh, twenty-five years, so there’s no guessing what my various measurements and levels are. But I’ve been reading up on prostates, and it’s a good bet I’ll be shopping around for medical services before long.

That’s what I’ll do, too: shop. There are a host of options, and the salespeople are going to want to talk about every one. In the end, after all the self-help schedules and procedures have been defeated, I’ll probably buy a “green light” laser surgery, and write a check for about ten thousand bucks. Years later, maybe, I’ll go back and do it again.

Who could imagine a better system than this?

(Editor’s note: In June of 2011, fewer than half of American families could come up with two thousand dollars to meet an emergency. More than half of American voters opposed providing quality, affordable health care to all. This situation could not have existed in a free, democratic society).

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