Sex, and complications

I can’t help noticing the raft of political males publicly strutting their sex drives. We’ve clearly crossed a line here, from being scandalized by the sexuality of our leaders, to being a little thrilled by it. It’s an evolving phenomenon. Perhaps soon, an aspiring middle-aged male politico won’t have a chance, unless he has – at least – published photos of his penis, or bullied a few college women into on-line sex.

I used to think, a little transparency in our sex lives could only be a good thing. Wealthy and powerful men have always had their way with the women they chose, and entire countries have rushed to cover it up for them. It’s hard, too, to be a middle-aged man. Many of us want sex more than most people will comfortably believe. If we lose some anxiety about it, I thought, maybe we’ll start treating each other more fairly.

It is not to be. I was, unfortunately, raised and educated at a rare moment, when substantial numbers of women briefly noticed their denigrated social status. More, they saw how easily the tower of domination could be brought low. I was wholeheartedly with it. And then? Silence.

I’m thinking the new spate of political sex acts is likely just part of our trend toward turning women back into children. We all understand, after all, why guys do this kind of thing. Pretty soon we’ll be trying to figure out who it harms, anyway? The women I work around like to be called ‘girls.’ They think it’s cute; flattering, even, as they get older. I understand today’s young women even shave off their pubic hair. It makes them look like little girls. This is where we are today, people, and our adult males aren’t behaving like men, either.

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