Most of us will die wondering how to pay our bills. This is the conservative promise. Acknowledged, even, by the liberal in the White House who used to talk about ‘hope’ because it’s an easy sell, but never really had any to offer. These people have mathematical models and scientific proofs we all have to live out our years wanting, unhealthy, and alone. So we can pay their rich banker friends. They’re not kidding. They believe it. They really do.

You see, it’s not that there isn’t enough to go around. We have the best economic system ever invented. But like everything invented, once built, it can be used, unexpectedly, by others of malicious intent. We’ve been persuaded, to our shame, that people only deserve what they can earn at work. That the significance of a person is based on how much money they have. That competing for profits is the invisible, absolute, authority we’re all morally responsible to. We believe so because, we think, it’s the only way each of us really gets what we deserve. And so we do.

This wonderful system of ours was created for a different purpose, by people who put their democracy before their wealth, and individual dignity before everything else. Our weakness is this: the rich can use their money to persuade us against ourselves, then pay their political puppets to run government as if it’s supposed to be ‘small’ and ‘limited.’

Our economy was created to serve everybody. When wealth threatens the well-being of the helpless, the wealthy have to give it up. Public pensions must always be paid from current public income, directly from the bank accounts of the rich, because there’s no such thing, in fact, as borrowing ‘from our grandchildren.’ Everybody knows they’re not going to pay. So remember, as your body declines and your opportunities diminish, you’ve been played for the fool by people shocked you’ve let them get away with it. And it’s never too late. Get out there and vote.

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