Health Care

Health care is a deliberate problem in the United States. It’s a problem because health care is a product sold to the highest bidder, instead of a commitment the country makes to its people. It is much more expensive than it needs to be. The huge outfits controlling health care passionately oppose improving it, by fanning the ugly American refusal to ‘pay for somebody else.’ It’s sold as a limited resource. Only the wealthy and successful are assured the fantastic benefits it frequently offers.

This hurts us all, except for a few giant medical conglomerates, and some very overpaid practitioners. Today we’re caught in a delusion of limited financing, and a pretense of imperative service cuts. Many popular candidates are proclaiming it’s time to eliminate Medicare, even for the middle class. The opposite is true. We should eliminate private health insurance. We should adopt a single payer, public health service financed by taxes, which increase with wealth and income.

Our problems run even deeper. The true costs of food include the expense of recovering from any damage it does. This is excluded from food’s price and dumped onto consumers, who usually can’t afford to pay for it. The least healthy foods often have the lowest prices, and the highest real health costs. We should confront this head on. We should assess the full consumption expense of food and bill it through to distributors. In a free, transparent, fully costed market, the cheapest vegetables will be organic.

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