Restoring our natural environment is the biggest business opportunity America will ever have. When we begin billing producers for the full costs of products – materials and labor, plus social and environmental overhead – the economic boom will be historic. The free market will be reestablished, and profitable opportunities will emerge everywhere, for companies of all sizes, to sell goods and services which promote, instead of degrade, our lives.

Restoring the environment, today, is discussed like some kind of political choice. As if we can’t afford to clean up our own mess. We’re told profits can only be made, and the country can only be secure, if we remain subject to an insane oligarchy of billionaire old buddies, who assure us their dictatorship is, after all, the only thing keeping us from economic collapse. On the contrary, our only hope is to strip the wealth and power from the current elite, and restore it to the American middle class.

By putting elite wealth ahead of our own middle class interests, we’ve indulged a politics of the bizarre. We have food shortages all over the world: it’s not profitable to eliminate them. We have fresh water that’s disappearing: it’s not profitable to conserve it. We have an atmosphere that’s overheating: it’s not profitable to cool it down. The one great business opportunity seen today, since it’s encouraged by environmental decline, is war. Weapons sales are way up.

Our environment is our home. It reflects who we are. We won’t respect it, if we can’t respect ourselves. Our government is us. We must be vigilant. We must be suspicious. We must hold ourselves to account. But to ridicule government, and crow with excitement to serve the rich, is social suicide. Governments set the definitions of value in every marketplace. Ours must replace the opportunities for degrading our home, with opportunities for cleaning it up. Or we all suffer.

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