I saw the president speak last night, full of the satisfaction of war. Those who choose to be enemies of the United States, and attack us on our soil, will be destroyed. This is the prerogative of nations. We will do it with pride. In the same circumstances, were I the president, I would hope to perform so well.

History is full of opportunities. The strength and determination of the United States in this hour, has brought us to a new definition of war, and our choice is critical for our future. Perhaps, at last, we are turning away from the twentieth century idiocy of waging war on civilians, instead now directly targeting the leadership warring against us. This will be a tremendous change. All governments of the world should take note. But if not undertaken with courage, it, too, will destroy nations.

We can only remain the United States if we remain free. Yesterday, a dangerous enemy was defeated. Now, with courage and honor, we may withdraw. Our declaration is clear: attack us, protect those who attack us, we will come. You will not survive. We will not live in fear.

We must not live in fear. We must not watch every street corner for potential enemies. We must not listen to every phone call to ‘preempt’ conspiracies. We must not monitor private email to detect possible new threats. We must, in fact, reaffirm the unconstitutionality of all this. Our strength lies in our willingness to be open, and vulnerable, so our people can be free. If attacked, we will suffer, and then, we will respond. Otherwise, our own defense machinery will enslave us, and our democracy will be a memory. Mr. Obama can now withdraw from Pakistan and Afghanistan, letting their peoples find their own ways. Or will he remain, strengthening his invasion, pretending to assure us no enemy can arise from there again?

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