Well intentioned, our leadership may be. It is wrong about economics. You don’t create jobs by propping up big business. Promoting big business reduces the number of available jobs, and drives money out of the economy. Successful twenty-first century economies will be those which shrink big business, and grow the number of small businesses, offering more, and more rewarding, work.

The single thing which best promotes employment is responsible taxation, which drains excess capital from large firms, and improves the profitability of small companies. Corporations of all kinds should be taxed according to their size, just as wealthy individuals should be more heavily taxed as their incomes increase.

Businesses exist to employ people. For decades we’ve been told: the more we give to the rich, the more they’ll have to create jobs for us. This is ridiculous. The wealth of a capitalist society increases with total economic activity, not with how much money is collected at the top. Profits given to the rich are gone. Profits paid as wages generate even more wealth, and benefit us all.

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