I’m running for President!

I do not expect to win. I will not form committees, solicit contributions, or vie for screen time with more formal candidates. I will, if elected, be a better president than any of them. I have, I confess, spent my professional career as, well, a businessman. That’s lousy training for an elected official. But the operations of government are appropriately conducted by civil servants. The role of the president is to encourage the people, and make the guiding decisions. Qualifications for president concern judgment and character. I haven’t tried to trademark my name, borrowed money to open a casino, or spied on innocent Americans in their own homes. I have courage, understanding, and a firm belief America exists for our middle class. Which includes you.

I think you should run for President, too. Ignore the antique nominating process. Announce your candidacy and address the issues, on your social network! The country needs you. We’ll quickly identify – without the billions spent by corporations to elect their friends – which candidate Americans want, from who attracts the most on-line support. You can change the nation. Announce yourself. Tell us where you stand.

I address six issues in my campaign: employment, retirement, health care, energy, environment, and war. Constituents have many other concerns, but these are the issues that determine life for our middle class. Maybe you’re upset about education, gun control, or immigration policy. Maybe you cast your vote for the right position on abortion, same-sex marriage, or paying the federal debt. Look for a different candidate. I’m for the rebirth of democracy in the United States. I’m for the prosperity of the middle class.

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