The power of enduring religious faith is the single story of human experience. Every other narrative is simply rephrasing. And how. Everyone who ever sought power for themselves fell into envy of the invisible Thing, before whom people bowed and waited. Scientists observe, and describe the remarkable re-ascendence of disembodied beliefs, passed from parent to child, which revive again and again to guide their faithful, as the ‘absolute’ rulers of history rot in the soil.

It is our own story, too, lived in small against the backdrop of eons. We cannot know what is true. We only choose to believe. Even those who believe themselves transformed completely, even ‘born again,’ feel simply they have come home. And the envy is with us, also. Many want to believe we are our own power, switched-on molecular configurations fated only to be…switched off.

The smartest of us recognize all this, and twist the simple faith of people to our temporary purpose while we can. So we have churches promoting Republicans today, to their success, while Democrats are embarrassed by religion, and ignore the country’s controlling votes. All of this is fine. All of this is wonderful. The final surprise of all our lives is always the same. That which created and loves us, is real!

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