Speaking is easy. Saying is hard.

I’m sure I have something to say. I even know what it is. Then, I think about the person I’m talking to. I open my mouth to speak. Out comes something else. The writing I do here is relentlessly the same. I want to say, ‘I’m sure we’re okay.’ Out comes, ‘we’re in great danger.’ I want to say, ‘the future is ours.’ But instead, ‘we’ve lost the war.’ I want, ‘keep your faith!’ But here it is: ‘you might as well give up.’

It comes from thinking about my audience, instead of just rushing ahead with my intent. I feel capable of anything. I look at you and figure, maybe not. From the people I bump into everyday to those I see only on TV, everyone is complaining, and cynical, and sure somebody else is to blame. But we started telling ourselves, decades ago, we were going to borrow too much to have our own Social Security. We said it before we borrowed too much. Then we borrowed anyway, just to prove ourselves right. Every so-called ‘problem’ we have now is the same: we made it up.

I just want to say we can simply decide to fix things. It would be easy. We’d all be healthier, and happier, and live longer. The future would be bright. Look at what people are scared of. It’s hard to believe we don’t choose to suffer. Why do we hate ourselves so much?

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