Christian abortions

To get the 2012 Republican presidential campaign rolling, Mr. Santorum reports our national pension problem results from a proliferation of abortions. Without them, we’d have a new infant supply sufficient to pay for our own generation’s retirement. Personally, I’m more persuaded by research showing the dramatic decrease in crime these last decades results from the availability of abortions in poor communities, where mothers choose not to produce children doomed by circumstances to frustration, failure, and violence. Simply look at education in this country, and you’ll see people who like kids don’t go into politics.

The conflict over abortion rights isn’t about unborn babies, it’s about full-grown adults. The talk about ‘life,’ when it begins and ends, who created it, who controls it, ad nauseum, isn’t really about somebody else’s life. It’s about our own lives. We believe we’re talking about us, about that thing we share with all other people that makes us special, gives us meaning, sets us apart, and justifies every feeling and thought we have. That’s why people opposing abortion rights keep going round and round their topic in every imaginable, personal way; they’re trying to touch that point, where-ever it is for you, that you suddenly realize: they’re talking about my life! They’re talking about me! Abortion rights people want to kill me!

Opposing abortion rights is all about loving yourself. Jesus famously says, “love your neighbor.”

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