Fear itself

The only thing we have to fear is… our failure to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Let me be crystal clear about this: the Constitution must be the law of the land. Confused Democrats, frightened by the Republican Party – a genuine enemy of the country – stand behind a man betraying his most sacred trust.

Detention without trial is a violation of the Constitution. Search and seizure without due process is a violation of the Constitution. A presidential declaration of war is an explicit violation of the Constitution.

I observed we were waging war against Libya without a Congressional declaration to a friend who said, ‘oh that’s okay – it’s a UN thing.’ Subordination to a higher political authority is not part of the document. If you could contract away your civil liberties, the Bill of Rights would be a joke. If the Constitution permitted Congress to pass a law granting perpetual presidential authority to declare war, it wouldn’t explicitly state only Congress has power to declare war.

I think it’s too late. This administration’s actions on education, finance, and foreign policy make it clear we are now in service to some idea of a larger, global governing scheme. Power no longer derives from the American people.

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