The shores of Tripoli

I think I remember something about Tom Jefferson and the separation of powers. Maybe Congress kind of waffled on the war thing, so he pulled Commander in Chief and ordered the Navy over to the North African coast, then dared them not to pay for it. Maybe that’s all a crock. Some day I’ll ask my kid to look it up.

Anyway I’m thinking I pretty much don’t know what’s going on. Sure, we don’t generally impose no-fly zones to protect African lives, but nobody’s saying a whole lot of wonderful stuff about Muammar, either. It feels a little like we sat around a month waiting for the accounting department, got a ‘go’ on the budget, and Obama figures the boys can wrap it all up for only fifty or sixty billion. Great practice for future no-fly zones, while we’re at it. A few more orders to the cruise missile companies?

Still, I feel like my position is never to take a position. I’m always lukewarm (lukecold?) and I can’t tell right from wrong when I see it. I just want to climb way out on this limb and say: it must be replaceable governments established by popular votes are better than hereditary anythings. So I’m saying it. I’m hoping for democracies in North Africa. Even though, well, look what happened to us.

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