Still looking over there…

I used to go to parties and sit in a corner. Sometimes I’d be approached and someone would try to get me to dance or come over to the crowd. Sometimes I came over and after a while the crowd moved away and I was left standing, wishing I had the comfort of the chair over in the corner. After a few years I figured out I liked people, but I didn’t find most of them very interesting. I’ve spent a lot of time by myself. The party has moved pretty far away.

People have told me it’s a ‘social responsibility’ to carry a cell phone, and been frustrated because I don’t have one. I hear now, I can’t be in the popular crowd if I don’t have a Facebook account. I guess folks don’t use email anymore. They spend their time reading automatic website updates, streamed to them from ‘friends’ who get to be friends by talking about themselves. I remember when People Magazine was first published. There was a lot of concern the public would never buy a book with nothing but pictures of celebrities. Now those of us in the happening public spend our time looking at pictures of each other.

Anyway, I’ve been very lucky (‘blessed,’ if I’m honest about how it feels). I’ve got a great family and a comfortable income and a house in one of the most pleasant parts of the world. I work with the latest technology, play with latest toys, and try to give change to the panhandlers when it’s not inconvenient. I like video phoning, but if you want me to read what you’re writing, send me an email.

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