Salt’s lost savor

Addiction is a marvelous thing; nothing so brilliantly illuminates our lack of independent will. An addict doesn’t just deny that a substance is dangerous. An addict truly believes that abuse improves life and adds happiness.

So it is with Americans and salty food. People who growl and condemn alcoholics, smokers, and over-eaters will smilingly chide those who suggest they’re cutting their own enjoyment, and harming themselves, by adding salt to everything they eat. “I love salt!” I’ve heard them say, “I wouldn’t enjoy eating without salt!”

If you eat an American diet, you’re shortening your life and adding suffering to it. There’s no scientific disagreement on this. If you stop eating salt, after a time, you will enjoy flavors and taste sensations you can’t even imagine. If you don’t believe it, you’re an addict and a substance abuser – and that doesn’t bother you one bit!

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