A lot of ‘racist’ nonsense

It’s unwise to pretend you’re better than you are. It ends badly. We’re all racists. Of course we are. The overwhelming scientific evidence is we type people on similarities to ourselves, and respond antagonistically to those with differences, especially if times are tough. But we’re stuck – thank God! – with a social morality insisting all people are equal. So there is considerable pretense in our posturing.

There’s been a surge in public anti-black prejudice since the presidential election, and the Republican party is using it to push its anti-middle class legislation under the guise of being anti-Obama. We all see this. We all know, in fact, our generation’s politics are powerfully shaped by the demographic shift away from a national white majority. Grassroots Republican politics is often the terrified yelpings of privileged whites who fear the tables being turned against them.

These antagonisms are intentional, of course, since visual distinctions are only artificial differences. Somebody has to be standing behind us, screaming the guys over there are the enemy because they look different in a mirror. Personally, I’m a bit uneasy on the sidewalk approaching any group of self-consciously violent people, be they stereotypically outfitted white skinheads or black gangstas. It’s not skin color I’m worried about.

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