Why we wrote a Constitution

Once upon a time businesspeople didn’t run the world. The Church ran the world, and stifled all other interests and activities with its monolithic power. So the American rebels announced power must reside in a voting public, and they wrote a document for people to defend instead of the Bible.

Today, a business oligarchy runs the world, and stifles all other activities and interests with its monolithic power. It claims the Constitution was written to enforce this. I think we wrote the document to divorce our people’s government from whatever the prevailing tyranny, not to endorse a particular one.

The idea is, if we trust human beings we’re going to suffer for it. Hero worship will get you enslaved every time. But if you can hammer out a set of objective rules, and get people devoted to them, you’ve got a chance at some longer term social prosperity. Probably not forever. If we can’t figure out the new money religion is as dangerous as the old Church of England, the experiment is over.

In the spirit of the Constitution we still have, the next amendment might very well best be, “Congress shall make no law preferring an establishment of business.”

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