The politics of general welfare

It’s important to look for agreement, promote hope through persuasion, and offer support to good ideas from even the blackest perspectives. But I’ve chosen not to. Today’s Republican Party is the enemy of the American people. It is the political wing of a financial autocracy which believes it controls the nation, and acts only to increase that control. The Party exists to secure ownership of the national wealth by a tiny elite, and to enforce the perpetual servitude of everyone else. This should feel familiar. It’s been the objective of despots since time began.

Today’s incarnation is as ugly as any. Tyrants divide their public into competing factions, each fighting for scraps from the master’s table. They reward the most loyal minions with trifles for policing their neighbors. They succeed by persuading many they are the best hope for the desperate. Like Mubarak warning of chaos were he to leave, the Republicans warn of economic disaster if the big banks aren’t paid.

The Republican Party claims to be Christian, family-loving, austere, and faithful. It does so by proudly opposing liberty, choice, education, employment, and health care. Its addlepated puppets scream that paying debts – giving your taxes to the rich – is the only political good. The Party enlists the discontented with rhetoric about personal safety, the menace of state regulation, and threats from the poor, unemployed, and recently immigrated. It captures the allegiance of the frightened and angry by promising the simple solution of abandoning social responsibility, and trusting the boss.

I believe, in the long run, wiser folks than myself will prevail, through kindness, and achieve a self-conscious democracy where wealthy and workers share rights and opportunities as a single people. But I don’t have the guts to lie down in the road. We’re under assault by an identifiable foe which intends to destroy us. At every turn, without hesitation or regret, I will oppose it.

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