Honesty in reporting

The only difference between being a ‘protester’ and an ‘insurgent’ is whether or not the reporting media company likes you. We in the west have been defeated by a genuinely evil idea: that a dangerous religion inhabits peoples’ minds, and must be destroyed. From the shrillest unemployed white female to the president of the United States, this is the implicit conviction governing every opinion of the outside world.

The irony is wonderful and terrible. The guiding persuasion is wholly that Christians are good, and Muslims are bad (or the other way ’round). These are faiths urging people, from identical principles,  toward the same God. In our country, the claim to Christianity is simply a lie. We feel something deeply in our chests. We’re proudly committed to our own righteousness. We base it on a book which clearly states: salvation in Jesus Christ demands an abandonment of all worldly wealth and the explicit, physical love of our enemies.

The future looks ugly, and most of us believe we have nothing to do with it. We think we’ll stand in our doorways with our guns and our Christian slogans; we’ll send out our boys to slaughter the infidel, and all will stay right with the world.

God help us, because we’re not taking care of ourselves.

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