Perhaps: a great president.

There are some real problems with Mr. Obama. He chose to side with the super wealthy, instead of the American people. He could have taken seriously destabilizing action, as president, that might have lost him the next election, but would have put the country on a clear road to prosperity. That wasn’t his choice. He’s the commander in chief. He can order his officers to move the men at Guantanamo, even into buildings in the voting districts of his political opponents. His officers will move them. But that hasn’t been his choice, either. In short, he doesn’t govern like his predecessor.

So I find myself recalling Jesus’ advice to recognize people by their results and not their speeches. Mr. Obama is president of the United States. What’s happening in the world?

Our historic complicity with the now trembling Arab dictatorships is ugly and awkward. But imagine if the Republicans were in the White House. They would be sending billions to prop up our stooges, and putting our special ops on the streets to help ‘pacify’ their populations. This isn’t just a random example. Everywhere – Korea, Wisconsin – we see the naked aggression and inhumanity of our right-wing plurality being tempered by something else. Maybe history really is conducted by a few great people on behalf of an ignorant and undeserving public. Maybe this guy is one of them.

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