Straight talk on abortion

When people talk about abortion, they’re talking about themselves. When I get into the discussion, I’m no different. What we hear are emphatic voices: real emotional, real fast. Because these are our own lives we’re talking about now. The issue is our deepest belief about our personal experience. So we don’t really give a damn about unborn babies or the women who carry them. We just want to say ‘this’ about ‘that’ – and you’d better believe we mean it.

Abortion isn’t about an unborn life. It’s about an immediate life. If you’re calling an unborn child alive, you’re not talking about the thing you encounter when you wake up. You’re pledging fidelity to a concept, one that makes you feel something very special, deep, and important about who you are. But you’re not talking about something real.

If you’re talking to a woman who might have an abortion, you’re talking to someone real. Someone just like you. If you’re professing religion, or promoting what your own gut commitments compel you to advocate, please move along. She’s a human being. Care for her.

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