It must be hard to be a kid, today.

The president talked about the ‘state of the union’ last night. As I listened to the disheartening speech by the guy to his rich friends, crowing about how they were still rich, and exhorting them to get richer by training their workers to be scientists and engineers – I realized, wow, my kids really have nothing to look forward to.

What you want to be is one of the rich folks enjoying the booming stock market. What you want to be is one of the billionaire entrepreneurs who do nothing all day except talk on TV. What you want to be is one of the bankers who get saved by the government whenever they steal themselves into trouble. What you want to be is one of those kids who inherit all that money, and make popular videos of themselves having sex with their friends.

What you get is a math class where you do the same thirty problems every day, so you can compete on an annual government exam which confirms how hopeless your situation is. What you get, if you work really hard, and pass up all the fun things that waste your time, is the chance to be a struggling engineer for a company owned by one of those kids on the video tape. What you get is to ‘out-compete’ for the rich guys. Oh boy.

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