We still want miracles. The Congresswoman’s survival makes me feel hopeful, and thankful, and proud – all sorts of nonsensical things, but mainly, good. People from all corners are saying ‘miraculous’ as if they mean it. Later, however she turns out, we’ll have to go back and analyze the perfectly rational scientific explanations.

I’m pretty sure miracles happen all the time. I think they must always be private affairs. I can’t imagine God, so I can only examine his effect. If there really were publicly undeniable, arbitrary, divine actions – I can’t imagine we could be as we are. If God loves us enough to give us freedom of choice, it seems unlikely he’ll make a mockery of it by forcing us one way or the other. How can we choose to love whom we’re forbidden to reject?

But clearly there are miracles. Stephen Hawking is alive. Each of us knows our own. Jesus said there are those standing here today, who will not taste of death until they see him coming in his glory. He isn’t known for lying. I am thrilled there is so much faith in the country, we can, at least in this small way, share in his promise.

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