The knowledge of good, and evil

Imagine if, as a child,  you were taught, and came to believe, all that makes you different from other animals is: not that you have ‘the knowledge of good and evil,’ but rather, God gave you ‘the knowledge of good, and [the thing,] evil.’

My little boy asked if he could spend the night, alone with his best friend, in the woods. He asked if he could take some matches. Were I in the NRA, I would ‘pooh-pooh’ the matches, and give him a handful of zippos with a couple bottles of lighter fluid. How odd that unrestricted weapons distribution is championed with the phrase, ‘guns don’t kill people, people do,’ – which seems the strongest argument imaginable to keep firearms away from them.

As young adults, in college with lots of affluent students pondering social responsibility, we learned America, with only a few percent of the world’s population, used a quarter of its resources. We knew this was wrong, and in our hearts we knew the nation had to give up its privilege. So we did two things. We stood watching as the middle class asphyxiated, and we each clawed our way as far up the mast as we could while the ship sank. Affluent liberals, in their hearts, have believed letting America decline was the moral thing to do. Blame it on who you will.

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