On November 25, 2010, I wrote, ‘…our representatives will stop at nothing, ever, to overwhelm Republican obstructionism and pass legislation holding the country to its democratic ideals.’ This was not true. Of course we will stop at some things. Christian socialists will stop at many things. We live, firstly, from our faith in God, and in the most desperate conflict we continue to deplore deceitfulness, treachery, and murder.

We are in desperate conflict. We live in a time when dominant parties see the opportunity to strip liberty from the people and assign power to a financial tyranny – from now on. Those who should serve their constituencies, have instead chosen to herd them into permanently antagonistic identity groups, and bully them with fear tactics into compliant and submissive subjects.

I have thought long and hard about my decision to engage in inflammatory rhetoric. The people in my close society are indeed whipped up by a variety of public voices encouraging hatred, and condemning by name, those of us who are ‘liberals’ and ‘socialists,’ as if we deserve to be, well, shot.

I have studied group hatred and the power of ideas, and I believe when people assign hatred to a label, it is useful, maybe even necessary, to display them to themselves as potential victims of the same kind of labeling. Sooner or later, someone must stand before the mob, and direct its attention to the people sitting safely behind, goading the crowd on. But in the event that happens, I pray people choose to do only one thing. I pray they will vote.

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