Here we are. Let’s do something.

Most of us can’t realistically conceive of a future more than six months away. That is, we don’t, really, believe we’ll have anything to do with it. We can’t see ourselves being there. I remember reading about this years ago, and putting it aside. But here we are, and the fact is, most of us lived our lives like – there’s no tomorrow.

Perhaps this isn’t an accident. We evolved to be what we are. Maybe our purpose is to express it.

Those of us who come here today, come together. We were children together, and we were told not to do what we wanted. We did anyway. The people who once sent us to war, now use our money to pay bankers, and send our grandkids to war. The people who imprisoned us for growing our hair long and smoking marijuana, now imprison our kids for publishing the truth. The people who once shot our girlfriends at Kent State, now tell us they’ve spent the money we saved for our wives’ health care.

We’ve just started showing up, really. Only a few have arrived, but many, many more are coming. Let’s remember who we are. Let’s learn from the long, strange trip. Question authority. Don’t trust anyone under sixty. If your crazy friend wants to stand up and give a speech, give him a listen. Turn up the music and dance, dance, dance.

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