My job for your campaign

Since I’m an average American, I think of politics as pretty dirty business. So when I hear the president’s men are out offering jobs to people to keep them from running for office I think, well, so what?

It sounds almost more sensible than corrupt.

I am wondering whether this is one of those things that, if we shine a really bright light on it for a really long time, we might discover is crime most heinous. I don’t know the law and I find it easy to avoid learning it, but I’m sure lots of lawyers could get me going passionately either way. Perhaps trying to buy off a candidate is like trying to buy off a juror; obstructing a candidacy or something. Maybe the thinking is, administrations just can’t be allowed to hire people for political reasons. Maybe. Still, at the end of the day I guess most of us go to bed thinking the world remains as it was, and sleep okay.

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