Let’s party!

When I think of Jesus I think about sand and feet. Here was this guy, born of a father and mother, hungry and sweaty and eager and tired – a man like me – walking through the desert with the gift of life, which is love. He taught the wildest people on earth to keep peace. He shook us up. He changed everything. Forever.

The proud rulers of today imagine themselves wise and perfected, living by the final set of inevitable rules. But the arts of western money conquest and political puppetry are all simply veiled reiterations of Jesus’ practice: forgive and live; write off the losses and free the perpetrators. Rewrite the rules when the scene changes; sufficient to its day is the evil it contains. Today’s purest dissenters, who jerk their heads and roll their eyes at expressions of faith, wrestle in their hearts for a conception of goodness and come up with – only what he said already.

Come to the party. We don’t care what you believe. We don’t want to change your mind. This is about having fun. Today we celebrate his birthday. Jesus Christ, king of the world.

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