Preaching forgiveness of sins

I grew up listening to this red-faced congregational preacher yelling about how Jesus was gonna save us from our sins. I really liked it when he got excited. He was the only adult I knew who behaved like that. Not until a whole lot later did I get some clues about what sins are, or what’s the big deal with Jesus forgiving them.

Sins are the burdens others place on you for violating their laws. These can be bad things. If you do them hard enough you can drag down your soul. Jesus says, ‘forget all that, I’m taking care of the people you’ve harmed, and I say go on and live happily ever after.’ He took a lot of hate for this. The priests and preachers and imams clubbed him and cut him and hung him on nails until he died.

Jesus said, ‘forget all that, my father is taking care of me, and I say you go on and live happily ever after.’

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