I apologize for my unintended offenses.

I went over to the music store. The old musicians stood between the instruments, jawing about life and music. Some still have their long hair. They talked over a new Alaskan television show, and in their banter I suddenly recognized who these people are. These were the kids – are old kids now – who resented people telling them what to do. They like upsetting people. They like seeing people upset. That’s their kick.

I’m not usually a forceful guy. I don’t like it. Life’s too uncertain to carry a torch. But we’ve got a real problem today. There’s been an elite war waged against Americans for three decades, and the country is losing. Losing because we’re not taking the enemy seriously. Those of us with half a clue are happy with our current income, and fighting back is not just a little sacrifice.

My revered grandfather was a Republican. There were some great Republicans in the old days. Not any more. Trashing government is not cool. It’s infantile. Ridiculing the people carrying your load is not cool. It sucks. Cheering rich, white drug addicts – and their bimbos – for saying shocking things is not cool. It’s embarrassing. There may be a few old Republicans out there, still living the memory of what it meant to care for their country. I feel really badly for them. I am truly sorry.

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