As serious as it gets

Maybe history usually works this way: things just happen to us. But this American ‘liberty’ of ours is a rare and precious thing, no mistake. Emphatically, no mistake!

Just because it’s the way things usually work, or just because we let it happen, or just because we really don’t know or care, or just because most of us never wanted liberty in the first place – here we are again. The most important decisions in our lives are made without our knowledge or consent, in secret, by people who view us as expendable pawns in their larger, more important, political game. And yet, we are the people. If this country isn’t for us, it isn’t this country.

Folks running things now do it in secret, and they may be killed – killed! – if their conversations are made public. It’s not possible these conversations are legal. It’s not possible the actions they initiate and condone are moral. But we’re told to stand behind them because these secretive people, acting above the law, might otherwise be killed. And most of us do.

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