Let’s not get married.

I remember George Bush saying (something like), “I know I’m right. I can feel it in my chest.” This is a weird thing to say, but it’s the thing, in fact, that gets bunches of people to cheer all together – they’ve got the same feelings in their chests.

Chests began cooling all over the globe today when this news came out of Italy: it’s okay to wear a condom if you’ve got HIV. This is major: it’s better to prevent losing a life than it is to encourage giving birth every single time you have sex. Maybe you’d better avoid conceiving a child in order to prevent losing an adult. They’ll slice it and dice it for decades, I’m sure, but the Church just gave it all away.

The Church always knew, of course, that morality isn’t about violating God’s will – no act of contraception or abortion ever prevented a life God intended to create – it’s about the community warm-chestedness which comes from sacrificing promiscuity together. It was for our own good we were encouraged to stay out of the way of biology. Now, at last, we’re going to have to sort things out for ourselves. Thank God.

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