Politics, markets, revisited

A friend outside the country asked how ‘you Americans’ remain so comfortable with our regular on-campus mass student shootings.

I remembered the day right after the World Trade Center bombings. My East Coast liberal friends were shaken, and saying – actually saying – things like, “I have to believe the people who are really in charge – I mean, you know, the people really in charge – those people understand this and they’re doing the right things to protect us.”

Money has been declared protected legal speech, and it’s embraced as a proxy for personal action. The received faith is we’re operated by private professionals, and politicians are proxies for monopoly interests (which we are sure are our own).

Perhaps the only society which can offer the opportunity and dynamism liberals prefer is one without elected officials. Perhaps we’re not, in fact, comfortable with our mass shootings – we really can’t do anything about them.

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