I live on a few acres in the country. Our water comes from our well. As long as I remember, water came from household faucets. I didn’t think a lot about what the faucets were attached to. Now, I think about flow-meters and water softeners and holding tanks. Every other day or so, I think about drought.

Our well delivers four gallons each minute. I’ve been a lucky man and I have a nice house, and most of my money is tied up in it. If the well stops delivering, my house will be worthless (and I’ll be pumping enough to bathe in from a water truck).

Wells are going dry. The climate change debate has been locally mooted because the rain no longer falls. You can argue your heads off, but we’ve got action on the ground. What do you do when you’re your own water supply?

Well, you can try drilling deeper. Or drill a second well. If you can get a permit. One of the things about drought is, governments decide you can’t drill any more; something about conservation. So then, maybe, there’s the pond. Even in drought years a foot or so of water will fall. Our land miraculously has the natural contours to capture many thousands of gallons in a holding pond.

If it comes to it, the pond should fill with enough rain in winter to hold us through the months the well goes dry. More on this later…

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