Jesus Christ, version 2.

The crisis of scientific materialism is immanent in the philosophies of twentieth century atheists – the embrace of the completely atomized self. In its metastasized form, it appears as individuals conducting life entirely in self-reference (people look for what this means to ‘me,’ what this has done to ‘me,’ how this is helpful to ‘me,’ etc., and believe that’s all there is to it).

Of course the eastern philosophies were viewed as an easy companion to this. The grinning Buddha is just a grinning Buddha – that’s the point!

If you’re uneasy, steady yourself with an active listener. Two hundred twenty-five an hour.

The core of all this, of course, is that nobody’s enlightenment actually means anything. But our comfy little space is thoroughly justified by our pain – and we are morally correct!

The master of your choice relentlessly guides you inward because, well, the master of your choice can’t heal you. But in the proper light you may see your pain isn’t suffering at all. At least, well, that’s what the book says.

Jesus Christ – ah, Jesus Christ! He didn’t look at your rotten, broken leg and say, “what’s the problem?” He didn’t answer, “commit to the program; find it in yourself.” He encouraged you to live for others – then he touched you with his fingers and he fixed your fucking leg!

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