Making history

I read a general talking about attacking ISIS, deploring his inability to understand its popularity. A slippery slope indeed. He’s getting close to thinking beliefs take action in the real world. Next thing, he’ll fall into a war of ideas. And so pass into obscurity.

The discontented and the self-pursuing have already climbed every hill. They can tell you, the mind is everywhere the same; the many maps lead to the one place – and nothing to report is happening there (enlightenment is like figuring out the stock market – nobody who really does ever says another word).

I think, rather, the general is being disingenuous. He understands perfectly the enemy he faces. The fighter in the middle East identifies family and tribe as the ‘self’ he wakes up with. He may dig our women’s hips, but he worships from a different soul.

Ambitions are always designed by the bodies they live in. The general’s enemy will kill himself if he’s got a chance to take the general with him. No-one worth partying with makes peace with dying (until that boredom-filled disintegration toward the end).

The occupier can only offer the next generation his own style of collecting food for the table, and chop their fathers to pieces until they’re gone. Still, the bitter taste will take long to form into poetry.

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