Why Harry takes so long

We all know why, of course. It’s because the films are conceived, designed, produced, and released to make as much money as possible. That’s what our art is about. That’s what our lives are about.  In an abstract way, it’s sort of fun: I saw a story the other day about a couple who somehow won millions of dollars, and promptly gave it all away. The headline: Experts are Stumped.

I first noticed this cultural wave when one of my college girlfriends, listening to some wild-eyed dream for my future, announced that if I failed, at least I’d have several salable job skills. It took a me while to understand what job skills had to do with it. I wasn’t alone. Lots of us shared the contempt of the freely creative for those who ‘sold out.’

Now, I’m sure artists have always wanted to make lots of money. But I’ve also believed the machinery which consumes and rehashes an author’s work, amplifying the thrill features for sale to the little minded, inevitably diminishes the result. Harry hasn’t changed my mind.

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