‘Hacking’ used to be a good thing – it meant being able to take some non-functioning code on a system and use your own programming ingenuity to get things up and running. Now, of course, it means doing anything with software which isn’t ‘supposed’ to be done.

Certain circles probably benefit from this, because the term makes it seem like something deeply nefarious, complicated, and difficult is going on – like the government of North Korea is now a major threat because it knows how to run ‘brute-force’ attacks against known database targets (or whatever technique they’ll be alleged to have used).

In fact, it can get to be rather comical, as multi-star generals no doubt sit around discussing bomb deployments for behavior regularly indulged by your own pre-teen working around your parental controls.

But it’s serious stuff, really, for at least the two obvious reasons: nothing is private, and pretty soon you’ll be able to get yourself into a hot war for embarrassing a movie star. This is not a joke.

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