Super smart

There’s a growing public conversation about ‘artificial intelligence,’ because some merely remarkably intelligent people have thought about it a lot and decided it’s probably going to be the end of us. That is, something more capable and powerful than we are will occupy the same planet we do. There’s no reason to think it will like us, or be kind.

Personally, I find it hard to imagine something (or someone) smarter than myself, so I don’t really believe the threat will come from any form of newly enlightened machine ‘consciousness.’ I’m in the group that thinks we’ll simply develop some handy little monster which consumes, say, all the bacteria within a perimeter – and then one morning decides to set its own perimeters.

Once again, we’re confronted with an issue – like global warming or super viruses – about which it’s really hard to care too much. I mean, wouldn’t we all just die? And then, why would it matter?

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