And I thank you.

I’ve been listening to a lot of scientific talk about gratitude. It’s a vital, evolutionary product, they say. It’s sounds too good to be true: if I simply imagine people who have done kindnesses to me, contemplate them in my heart, feel that warmth of thanks in my chest – I strengthen; I grow; I feel real happiness.

There’s a lot of talk about forgiveness, too. There’s a whole science to it. And again, it’s not just the forgiven who flourishes with the gift – but the forgiver.

In my life, it’s never obvious who I have most wronged. Do I cause more harm when I leave – or where I go? Do I inflict more when I hold back – or when I set free?

I am a Christian so I feel guilt. I do the best I can for myself and I feel bad about it. I look to Christ to help me know what to do, and he seems to say: ‘why are you forgiven? – because you love.’

I love so very much. And I thank you.


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