Tossing for bucks

I remember (I think I remember) John Lennon talking about coming to the US and going on stage to discover the crowds just continually screamed. No-one could really hear anything, so he just stood in front of the mike and yelled nonsensical noise. The crowd just screamed; screamed to be screaming.

I’m not sure why this comes to mind right now. In some of my own conversations it feels like I get half an idea out and someone is already talking to divert me. It’s true – I don’t really know what’s going on. Sometimes I pause to listen and sometimes I just keep speaking into the voices.

I watch various headlines as they pop in and out of websites, and I think maybe they’re just being tossed out to see if they get attention. It’s like a competition for the most interesting phrase – whatever idea might bring the most eyeballs to a particular page. Then, if I’m unlucky enough to care about this murderer or that billionaire or some other movie star – I’ll click to pursue the inevitable nothing on the page that follows.

So it becomes any weirder combination of things that’s attractive – say, a sexy female billionaire, or a pre-adolescent killer. For some reason, people were briefly interested in the guy who shot Bin Laden. The day before it was some guy who got Ebola. I was thinking, I’d click on the link if the guy who shot Bin Laden got Ebola…

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