The morality of science

I mentioned to a few people some time back I was interested in discovering the ‘moral imperative of rational science.’ This generally drew confused looks and some reiteration of our cultural belief that ‘science is neutral.’

Of course, it’s not. Science isn’t just a method. At any particular time, it’s also the coherent body of ‘facts’ and ‘theories’ the majority of ‘responsible’ scientists believe. Science is biology, artificial intelligence, and evolution. Science is a description of currently accepted facts and a faith those facts are true.

So, of course, it has a morality. And, in fact, its morality has professors.

Lately, it’s been scientifically decided we have no free will, no permanent identity, and no consciousness. What we do have decidedly operates according to the common drive of all living things – we want to reproduce. For us, scientifically, that means teaming up and getting along.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the morality of that remains what it always has been. I wonder if this new deity is more or less benign.

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