Satan and justice for all

Satanism became attractive to my son so I looked it up. It’s a remarkable religion with some history and depth – not to be confused, it turns out, with most of what any traditional monotheist might ‘instinctively’ suspect. ‘Devil-worshippers’ are scorned by Satanists because all deities – the devil included – are a joke. My not-so-lengthy review of the literature describes a sort of promiscuous self-worship. Without the name ‘Satan’ attached I imagine it could disappear like any other brand of atheistic hedonism. But with the name!

When Evan first mentioned Satanism I started humming, ‘if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao…’

Something cool has happened. In its burgeoning enthusiasm to promote a theocratic state by judicial decree, the Supreme Court has declared corporations tantamount to real human beings, and designated their professed faith as sufficient to disregard secular law. A lawyer I know responded, ‘the flood-gates are open!’

Indeed they are. There’s an obnoxious legal imposition known as ‘informed consent,’ which in some states requires women desiring abortions to first meet with professionals who try to talk them out of it. According to the Satanists, this amounts to a violation of religious liberty for all those whose devotion entails a commitment to serving their own opinions alone. Presumably, if you’re a Satanist, you can legally think what you want.

At least according to the Supreme Court.

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