Steady state

The news from Iraq seems familiar somehow, even though the story’s told differently. It sounds like the people are intractably violent and hateful. That’s what it sounds like. But I think it’s just a story. It doesn’t seem sensible so it’s probably not being reported accurately. I remember it being reported a decade back, when we went in and started shooting people ourselves. It was a big deal. As if winning and losing mattered. Today I guess we’re content with our fracking.

From here, the whole world seems impossibly placid. Advertised mayhem is getting boring. Every day I go to work. We all just do. And people remain bizarre. They’re downright outraged that immigrants still come to this country. They’re furious about health insurance. But not really. Just like Iraq, it’s a story. It’s not a report.

The higher ups seem like they’re out to lunch, but maybe they’ve finally got it figured. If you know how economies work, you know everything in ours is impossibly ‘over-valued.’ Nothing is worth what’s being paid for it, and usually before now things would have collapsed. But it’s the only game in town, so we’re just printing free money and playing with ourselves. Thing is, when absolute power is genuinely absolute, maybe it really can go on forever.

I’m hearing the story about Israel. It sounds bloodier than usual. I don’t think it’s supposed to sound so bloody. Like the money people in this country, the Israelis are supposedly invulnerable masters of their own situation. Never mind the old saying about nukes in the Middle East – ‘if you drop one on Iran, in the morning it’s Iran; if you drop one on Israel, in the morning it’s gone.’

And Jesus descends through the clouds.


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