The mortal coil

I’ve been home with Evan for a couple weeks while the other half of the family visits Europe. Evan didn’t want to go and, well, I’ve been to New York. What else is there?

I’ve been reading so hard in neuropsychology it’s hard to think anything exists outside my own brain. I have new explanations for my general snobbishness. The social result is the same.

I must exercise our dog, or she becomes impossible. I take her to the ‘dog park,’ where I sit on a bench while she dashes back and forth. A woman sits down next to me and asks, ‘isn’t it amazing how they all descend from wolves?’

I don’t know what to do with this. She isn’t sexually compelling and it isn’t that amazing. So she asks, ‘isn’t it amazing how much corruption there is in government?’

I begin looking for a lesson here. I imagine her thirty years from now in the nursing facility, asking, ‘isn’t it amazing how corrupted all the wolves are?’

Not really.

In the garden, there’s a ‘giant pumpkin’ vine. Only the female flowers turn into pumpkins. The bigger the vines are, the bigger the future fruit is supposed to be. I’ve been pinching off the females while the plant grows, so all its life flows into its leaves. I’m told I should let one female survive on a vine, and keep pinching off the others. That’s the way to get a really big pumpkin.

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