New life. Same old civilization.

We’ve recently managed to copy some natural sequences onto purely synthetic DNA and put the activated strands in control of a living cell. This is very cool science. There is some nontrivial work ahead, but we’re getting a pretty good sense of the molecular arrangements we’ll need to put together our own, lab-fabricated organisms. Some people are worried (or thrilled!)  that this diminishes God.

It turns out most people worship something that isn’t, quite, God. Most of us have our beliefs challenged. Most of us are very afraid if our ideas are wrong, our worlds will fall apart. So most of us believe in a God we ourselves actually created, and whom we must defend, at all costs, from the infidel. But the Lord is God, whether we believe it or not. The Lord who created us to create synthetic DNA knows today what animals we will build tomorrow. Don’t be afraid.

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