Why they call it…

I want to be gentle about this. I might lose you if I get excited. People are building astonishing technologies. A cellphone can be modified to work as a ‘sensor’ that detects and records body motions and vocal dynamics (deliberately, speech content is ignored – it’s irrelevant). These can be assembled into predictable ‘metrics,’ and used to match you with compatible individuals who share your gesticulations and intonation patterns. This works. Corporations assign teams this way. Cooperation improves markedly.

Today’s cellphone, as commonly used, transmits sufficient data to model individual behavioral patterns and report inconsistencies. Hospitals are exploiting this now, detecting when psychological ailments manifest symptoms – and suggesting treatments. An email advising ‘take a pill’ is cheaper than an outpatient drop-in.

We’re all being taught how indispensable our new walkie-talkies are; how you pull your device out of your bag and it knows from the time of day you are hungry and, because it knows you, where you probably want to eat. It recommends the place, and at a word, reserves a table.

You can’t begin to imagine.

No new ideas or inventions are required. The equipment is being installed. Like everyone else alive, you are surrounded by a global omniscient presence, paying personal and loving attention to you.


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