The perils of rational thinking

‘We find what we’re searching for’ doesn’t conflict with ‘we never get what we expect’ – because we forget that we didn’t.

Perhaps we pretend, on rare occasion, we can think meaningfully about our futures. But really, we can’t. Six months or so, I believe the pros say.

I’ve always loved beautiful women. Those I relate to are in their fifties or sixties now, often liberated from husbands, a certain freedom and comfort in their eyes. Suddenly, I can see them twenty years hence.

I don’t believe we change as we become helpless with age. If we have an unpleasant streak it works against us when we can’t rise from our chairs; when we have to beg for attention.

Rational thinking involves planning for ourselves as if we’re something else – like our own children – scheduling probabilities years in advance.

I’ve spent some time lately concerned a year in college costs seventy thousand dollars. A barely adequate year in an elderly ‘care facility’ costs a hundred. Easier, I think, just to imagine everything will work out for the best…


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